The AIDS Activist Project

digitize it!


If you haven’t picked your copy of “the AIDS activist project” yet, now is a great time to pick a copy and help us get more work from the project out there.

There are many images in the project that we couldn’t include in the book. There are literally thousands of images, over 150 portraits of AIDS activists and many images from ACT UP demonstrations unpublished from the project.

Now we’ve set a goal to digitize more work from the project archives.

We’re going to create hi-res printable digital files that we can also share with you on Social Media. You can follow the projects Facebook Page here and the Instagram account here.

We’re going to need some hardware to get this done, sales from the book now will be dedicated to this goal.

If you’re thinking of sending it as a gift, we can send anywhere in the U.S.A free, make sure to enter “shipfreeusa”in the box at checkout.

The book is available here. Thank you for the support!

Many Thanks,

Bill Bytsura

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