The AIDS Activist Project

February 2015 re-launch of crowdfunding for “the AIDS activist project”

Since we did not meet the crowd-funding goal for the project on kickstarter in October, we did not receive any funds for the printing of the book,  “the AIDS activist project”.

Although this was a huge disappointment, I haven’t given up on publishing this book.

I have spent the time since then to meet with everyone involved with printing the book. Because the first round for funding wasn’t successful, every one involved chipped in and we brought the cost of the book down significantly while keeping the print quality high.

I am putting together another budget and I will re-launch the crowd-funding campaign in February of 2015.  I’m hoping we have the book in-hand by November of 2015.

I want to thank every one who supported the project with the first kickstarter campaign and hope that I can count on your support for the re-launch in February of 2015.

Thanks to all!

Bill Bytsura


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