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Hal Haner

Box 6- Hal Haner

Hal Haner, New York, 1989
Hal Haner, 1958 – 1990, was the first person I photographed for this project. This image was taken at my studio on East 14th Street in New York City in 1989.
A few weeks after we did the shoot, he came to the studio and I showed him the contact sheets. He picked out this image as his favorite. He said he liked what was going on with the contrast between Reagans face and his own. I last saw him at a demonstration in 1990. He would walk the picket line once or twice, then take a break sitting on a newspaper dispenser on the sidewalk to catch his breath. He was weakened by AIDS, but continued to fight and held on to the hope of a cure as long as he could.
Hal Haner died on July 7, 1990.

3 thoughts on “Hal Haner

  1. That is so beautiful that you remember that painting! Yes, his sister Sandra has it hanging in her home. We love the book, thank you for sharing this project!

    Allyson (Hal’s niece)

  2. Gayle, thanks for writing. Hal was the first person I shot for this project. He picked this image out as his favorite.

    I have seen some of Hals work, There is a youtube video someone did of Hal and they go over some of his work. He was a very talented artist. I remember one large painting I saw while visiting him in his apartment. It was of Marilyn Monroe, he incorporated gold leaf in the painting. It was absolutely beautiful. I hope that somewhere someone has that painting and it is safe.

  3. I grew up with Hal in the late ’60s/early ’70s. Will never forget his theatrical productions staged in his basement and in the drainage ditch between our homes in Louisville. Hal was gifted and creative even then. Thanks for sharing this photo. It means a lot to see Hal again.

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