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Alan Perlman 3 days ago

I’ve known Billy for way longer than either of us would care to consider or admit; since before the AIDS epidemic began to rage. Indeed, I knew Randy whose untimely passing inspired this body of work.

He has enumerated many of the material expenses he incurred and these are indeed significant. But I offer personal testimony to the passion, emotion, urgency, and commitment he has invested over more than two decades to bring this project to fruition. Please believe me, his motivation is not financial gain.

His book is a work of fine art, and reflects the dedication of a truly fine heart.


Thank you Dennis O’Clair at Media276!!

In support of AIDS Acitivism and Awareness, Media276 created this video for the the AIDS activist project. This project will help raise funds for a Photography Book of Portraits of AIDS Activists, many of whom are no longer with us. Photographer Bill Bytsura, created beautiful BW portraits of over 200 of these courageous people. Check out the video or visit the Kickstarter page to learn more about this meaningful project.


From John Henry Summerour, Director of the film Sahkanaga.

I started working with Bill Bytsura back in 2002 at 71 Irving Place Coffee & Tea Bar. The first time I saw his collection of portraits documenting the AIDS epidemic in the late ’80s/early ’90s, I was blown away by the power of the photography and his own form of elegant activism. The Fales Library at NYU has bought the collection, and now Billy is raising money to present his life’s work in a fine-art book. Check it out on FB (the AIDS activist project) and Kickstarter:

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