The AIDS Activist Project

Proud and Independent.

It’s been 50 years since the Stonewall Riots, 49 years since the first Pride March, 38 years since the first AIDS cases were reported, and 32 years since ACT UP began.

Thats a lot of history. We’ve had to fight for the progress we’ve made. One theme that runs through all of this is activism. We’ve made tremendous progress in LGBTQ Rights and the fight against AIDS.

I came of Activist Age in 1988 after my partner died of AIDS. I somehow ended up in an ACT UP meeting in NYC.  I met some amazing people there, dedicated, smart, angry and effective.

Out of my experience in ACT UP came “the AIDS activist project”, remembering and honoring the people who fought and changed the course of the AIDS crisis. The desperation we felt in the ’80’s created the in-your-face activism and that brought us where we are today. This movement, thankfully, changed things for the generations that have come since, who didn’t have to live through the nightmare of the AIDS Crisis.

I am proud, proud of who we are, proud of my activism, proud of the process we’ve made. I am also proud to have the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with so many great activists.

History needs to remember this activism, and we need to remember the ones we lost to AIDS, especially during Pride. They fought AIDS, but didn’t make it here with us to celebrate.

This project and the book were a long time in the making, over 30 years. This book is a labor of love, sharing my experience, and letting folks get to know the people who were involved in AIDS Activism. The fact that people will get to know about the people, the activists who fought and made a difference in the book, Anne, Moises, Tom, Kate, Floyd, Mona, Tigger and everyone else is all I could have wanted to happen.

I published, and am distributing the book myself. It’s been a trying, overwhelming but worthwhile effort. I am very happy it’s done and out there. I could have hoped for no more.

I’ve been reaching out to Independent and LGBTQ bookstores across the country to distribute the book. If you work at or manage a bookstore, if you have a favorite bookstore in your neighborhood and think they would want to carry the book, please let me know and I can follow up. I wanted to keep this all “in the family”

I hope you’ll consider purchasing your own copy of the book & support the AIDS activist project. For more info, samples from the book and purchase the book, please click here to go to the AIDS activist project page here.

-Bill Bytsura


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