The AIDS Activist Project

The Buddy System for “the AIDS activist project: Portraits & Stories, 1989–1998

I received a few messages from people, friends who wanted to contribute to the campaign but because of illness or other personal situations could not manage it.

Creating this type of project is expensive. I want everyone to get a copy of the book, but it costs money to produce.bussysystem

I asked Kickstarter about a referral system, hereby known as the “Buddy system”. Kickstarter does not allow this to be done on their site, but what I do outside of the kickstarter site is up to me. So, in order to help fund the project (and I do need help!) and give folks with out the resources to get a copy of the book, I came up with this plan.

If you get 3 people to back the project at the $85.00/copy of book level, you will get a copy of the book and be acknowledged the same. The people who back the project on your behalf MUST send a message letting me know who their “Buddy” is so I can keep track and make sure you get your copy of the book. So if you send out a few emails and contact a few friends, you can get a copy of the book and be instrumental in the successful funding of this project, it’s a win-win situation.  “The Buddy System” will start with new backers as of Monday, December 7, and ship only to the U.S.

Remember there are only 4 days left to the campaign. So, start going through your contacts and work it! The Kickstarter link is:



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