the t.a.a.p. brigade

Join the proud supporters of “the AIDS activist project”!

We welcome in the first week of our campaign the enlistees named here. We are proud to have you on board!

Damien Shay, Matthieu Guyonett-Duluc, Sara Harvey, Barry Hoggard and Jim Wagner, Steven DiVerde, Andrea Benzacar, Joey Bellis, Robert Monteleone, Suzanne Sullivan, Jim Aquino, Mark Schrader, Peter Staley, Saundra Johnson, Gene Knapp, George Carter, Brian Robinson, Robin Tomchin, Nadine Bataya, Vincent Gagliostro, Janeene Touchton, Andrew, Alan Perlman, Jay Blotcher, Jeffery Schwartz, Joseph Best, Elizabeth Meixell, Robert Warnock, Lori Gariepy, Jim Provenzano, Sam Avrett, Kimberly Christensen, Fernando Mariscal, Regina Joskow, Andrew Jacobs,  Amy Laura Cahn, John Henry Summerour.

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