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tim bailey

Box 1- Tim Bailey

Tim Bailey, New York, 1992

Tim Bailey was a member of the ACT UP New York affinity group, “The Proud Marys”. Before his death, he told his friends that he wanted a political funeral. He asked that his body be thrown over the White House Gates. Since that was most likely going to be impossible he said, “All right. Do something formal and aesthetic in front of the White House. I won’t be there anyway. It will be for you.”

When ACT UP went to Washington to carry out his wishes, it was apparent the police knew they were coming. When his fellow activists tried to bring his casket out of the van, the police pushed back. In a sea of people, his casket was being pushed back and forth, precariously floating above the crowd of protestors and police. Here is a link to a video of Tim bailey’s Political Funeral:


Tim Bailey died June 28, 1993 of AIDS complications.

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